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$15.00pp -  20 minute game.


$5.00pp UPGRADES

A party favourite, you might want to camo up with face paint and overalls or get a pair of camo paintball gloves to keep instead of a party goodie bag to take home.



OUTDOOR LASER TAG - the "NO PAIN" Combat Game!

Another great game for families and birthday parties. Even the "big kids" love this game!

We have 14 Battle Field Sports outdoor laser tag guns which we can configure for an all on all senario or team on team. There is no pain involved in Laser Tag making it a great alternative to Paintball. The "laser" is really just a light beam which sets off the sensors on your cap and gun if you are "hit". The taggers are robust and made for the outdoors, however, being electronic equipment we prefer not to use them in adverse weather conditions. 


It's great fun and played on the "War Zone" field, a small course accommodating small groups enabling everyone to get more involved making it even more enjoyable.


Games are set for 20 minutes but you need to allow an extra 10 minutes whilst we explain how to use the Laser Taggers and how the game is played.


Taggers - Battlefield Sport COBRAS


coromandel whitianga family fun things to do 140216 (6)

coromandel whitianga family fun things to do 140216 (6)

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