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Just 7 minutes south of Whitianga, there's simply loads to do here. While “paintball” does feature prominently, it's far from the only activity on offer – other diverse experiences such as kids quad rides, laser clay shooting, soccer golf, outdoor laser tag, archery for beginners, target paintball shooting and our awesome mini adventure - Argo Ride which takes you on a trip across the river, through native bush, forestry and farm land to check out some of the area's incredible native fauna and magnificent views of Mercury Bay.  All on offer at one stop - Fun Zone Adventure & Family Park.


Designed to offer something for kids and adults of all ages, our well organised and beautifully laid out adventure park offers better value for booking multiple activities in a Triple or Mega Combo package and family concessions are available . It's easy to spend half a day or more depending on the activities you choose to take part in.


Set on a wide and expansive piece of land through which the Kaimarama River runs and rich in native bush, there's a pleasantly calm atmosphere surrounding what is a very upbeat place and serves as a great showcase of true “Kiwi” countryside. Perhaps the best highlight on offer is the Argo ride, which is an extremely reasonably-priced way to take a thrilling trip out atop a ridge to see some spectacular views of the region's beautiful Mercury Bay. A fun journey through bush, splashing through streams and kicking up some mud.


Younger kids are well catered for as well, with plenty of things oriented specifically towards the younger crowd; the “Kidz Quadz” miniature quad bikes are always a a favourite – designed for little ones between ages 6 and 10 years, they're able to pilot their own 4-wheeler and make their way around a fun little track that allows them to test their driving skills on a machine that has had its speed capped for safety reasons.


“Soccer Golf” is likewise popular and is exactly what it sounds like, as it offers an 18 hole course spread out over two acres of land where competitors try and kick the ball from point to point and get it in the hole at the end. Meanwhile Laser Tag allows kids to try their hand at shooting without any of the physical pain that paintball can bring, and is a great way to build teamwork with the family.


Keeping the kids happy can be a mission on any trip afield, but if you're in The Coromandel and looking for something to do, Fun Zone Adventure & Family Park should definitely put a smile on their dials.

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