One of our trained staff take you through the safety, give you a lesson including a demonstration, assist you with your first 6 arrows, show you how to score and then leave you in peace to enjoy this awesome sport.  You will be hooked!


We use recurve bows with low poundage to make it achievable and therefore more enjoyable.  Some arm protectors are available and during you lesson we will explain how best to avoid bruising to your inner forearm. 


If you are right handed, you will generally use a right hand bow and vise versa for left handed people.


This is a great group activity, especially for school groups, groups of mates and couples on a weekend getaway.


$15.00 per person

Includes lesson with 6 arrows  plus 3 rounds of 6 thereafter.


Double your arrows - 6 rounds of 6 arrows = 36 instead of 18!


Learning ARCHERY is a great way to spend time with friends.  After a lesson we leave you to have a "friendly" competition and maybe sort out whose buying lunch!