ARCHERY TAG - the Hunger Games have arrived!


The Game!

We play several games and welcome the suggestion of others.  Generally we start with “Last Man Standing". The objective is to make a hit on an opposing team member at which stage they have to remove themselves from the game. When a team no longer has any players left on the field the game has been won by the opposing team.  Your Ref with blow on a whistle to indicate end of game. 

We also play a game similar to "Retrieve the Flag" and are open to any variations guests may come up with.


















Generally things will happen in the following manner:


The Briefing

Once everyone has arrived you will be given a briefing by one of our trained staff. This will involve a basic rundown of the rules of the game, how to use your gear, and most importantly safety aspects. If you are unsure about something, now is the time to speak up.


Next you will be taken over to the course, given another quick run through of the safety rules and sent out to starting points.

Waiting for the game to start...

You will be split into two teams and sent to your fort to begin play.  Be sure to sort out your strategy before the game starts. Remember to play as a team and support one and other.  Your Referee will blow a whistle which signifies the start of play.

Find your inner Robin Hood or

are you more of a Maid Marion type? Even Fryer Tuck could handle a bow and arrow!


NEVER remove you face shield whilst on the playing field.

If your face mask fogs up, return to the “Safety Zone” where your mask will be cleaned or replaced. Do not wipe you shield inside or out. They scratch VERY easily and are expensive to replace. Fogging can be a problem on humid or rainy days or if you tend to sweat a lot. We do apply anti-fog which helps prevent fogging, but in some instances this cannot be eliminated altogether. Again, DO NOT try to wipe your shield. Returned to the “Safety Zone” for cleaning/replacement.

Covered footwear is essential

Overalls are available at $2.50 a pair if you want to avoid getting dirty.  High viz are provided to help distinguish between the two teams. Wearing long sleeves and trouser reduces the impact of a hit. Bare skin is not recommended.

From $25 per person

(includes 30 minutes of field play)



  • lesson on equipment use

  • safety briefing

  • safety gear

  • Referee present throughout your game time

  • a mix of game scenarios


$30.00pp for groups of 6-8 players

$27.50pp for groups of 9-12 players

$25.00pp for groups of 13-16 players

Add $10pp to double field time i.e. 60 minutes

  • Minimum age:  tough 10 year olds and over

  • Please note: smaller groups can play for $180 with 30 minutes field time. 

  • Bookings recommended.

The “Safety Zone”

Your Hosts will be stationed in the Safety Zone at all times. If you are injured, call for help. Your Host will blow the horn and stop the game. At the end of each game everyone returns to the Safety Zone to catch their breath, have a laugh, get more ammo and decide on the next game.



Please be on time. Expect a few delays while people get organised. Listen to the field operators, and ask us if you have any questions. That’s what we are there for!