THE BEAST is an 8x8 amphibius vehicle and will go anywhere!

Our "mini adventure" rides take approximately 15 minutes for just $25.00 per person OR save by purchasing a $50 Triple Combo for the Argo plus 2 other activities or $70 for a Mega Combo = the Argo plus 4. 

5 people maximum per trip - minimum 2.


With it's 8 wheel driving ability the ARGO will take you up and down steep hills, along a track through native bush and farm forestry with some breathtaking views of Mercury Bay and Centre Island. This is quite an exciting ride with a few surprises along the way.


THE BEAST is capable of some great 180 and 360 turns for that extra buzz! The 15 minute ride is designed to give you a bit of a thrill! It will take you through river crossings, up some slippery hills and down again, through some native and forestry blocks with some quick 90 degree turns here and there. On all but the worst of days you can see out past Centre Island! Well worth the trip. This ride is the second most popular activity here at Combat Zone - second only to Paintball! Kids love it and it is a birthday party treat winner!!


A whole lot of fun for just $25.00pp!

(approximately 15mins)


Save by purchasing a $50 Triple Combo


  • Great Kids party treat !


  • Enjoy an exciting ride with wonderful views.


  • Maximum 5 passengers Minimum 2.


Available weekends and daily during School Holidays.  Also available by arrangement for after school/work functions.


Please let the driver know if one of your group members is pregnant or has a back/neck problem so a more gentle ride can be taken.


Ag hats available by request.