Yes, we will be operating under the Traffic Light system. BUT, there will be changes to the way we do things.

WHEN are we open for business?
Saturdays, Sundays and all School and Public holidays from 10am - 4pm.

Also open week days BY APPOINTMENT.  Please book at least 24hrs prior.


Operating hours/activities can be weather dependent.  If in doubt please phone prior to heading out.

WHAT's on WHAT'S not?
All activities are running.

Contact Tracing Register

We will be asking each member of your group to use COVID Tracing app or sign our Contact Tracing Register including first and surnames, contact phone numbers, and either address or email address plus time of arrival.  This is for contact tracing purposes ONLY and is a requirement by law. Details will NOT be used for marketing purposes and will be burned after 8 weeks.

We MUST INSIST that NO ONE visit our premises should they be feeling "off colour", the slightest bit ill, sniffs, snuffles, coughs (even if it might just be hay fever - it just might NOT be).

We will require any person entering the office/shed to wear face mask and to use the sanitizer provided prior to entry.

We would prefer that one representative from your group enter the office/shed on arrival whilst the rest remain outside unless asked by staff to enter.

We would prefer that one person from each group makes group payment.

We will require all participants to use sanitizer prior to uplifting of equipment.

We also ask that all members of your group practice safe distancing particularly with our staff and any other members of the public in mind.

We ask that you be patient with us as are also new to these

changes and processes will take longer.

We will ensure that our staff maintain safe distancing, use disposable

gloves where necessary and implement safe practices to keep

themselves and your group members as safe as practicable.

This is an awful lot of info, we feel it too,

but this is our new normal for now.

We do hope to see you soon.

Take care, keep safe
from our family to yours
Sandy and Eric

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